Posted in March 2010

Ayam Nasi Briyani

I’m now in bed, suppose to be resting but got woken up by a phone call. Since I’m awake, might as well make use of the time. Post a entry and go back to sleep.This is the Ayam Nasi Briyani I tried from the newly added cookbook “The Best of Singapore Cooking“. It’s the 2nd … Continue reading

Went Crazy at Kinokuniya, Singapore

Flipping back thru the past entries, I realised I have being blogging lesser and lesser. That’s not because I ran out of restaurants I tried and love, or I ran out of recipes which I tried. It’s because I ran out of time! I have being busy with work, trying to juggle 2-3 people workload … Continue reading

Pineapple Tarts

Liz’s home made Pineapple Tarts I managed to baked some Pineapple Tarts to satisfy my craving. Didn’t really spend much time hunting down a recipe to try. There are tonnes on internet as everyone baking them. It didn’t take me long to make. From memory, I spend about 4 hours starting from measuring the ingredients … Continue reading