Went Crazy at Kinokuniya, Singapore

Flipping back thru the past entries, I realised I have being blogging lesser and lesser. That’s not because I ran out of restaurants I tried and love, or I ran out of recipes which I tried. It’s because I ran out of time! I have being busy with work, trying to juggle 2-3 people workload by myself, running around like a mad dog trying to cater and please all the different project in-charge. It’s not easy especially at the end of the day, it seem like workload is piling faster than clearing.

I didn’t even manage to blog 1 entry in the month of February!!! *faint* I made some pineapple tarts just before CNY and also flew back to Sing the day before CNY eve to attend to some family matter. It wasn’t fun having to hunt air ticket the eve before departure, dumping personal belonging into suitcase + trying not to miss out anything and also dumping all my messy work hoping someone will help me pick it up when I’m away.

The last trip back was more than 2.5 years ago. Because it was such last minute decision trip, I didn’t really informed anyone except my family members and my best friend. For 2 weeks, I spend a lot of time with my parents, sister, nephew and my newly addition niece. It was great! I really bonded very well with my nephew on the 2nd week. I also managed to meet up some friends who being keeping in touch with me. I know there are some friends which I missed out but time wasn’t on my side. Learned about the current lifestyle of Singaporean, what are the difficulties my fellow mates are currently suffering etc. It definitely triggered the citizenship question which has being in my mind again. This trip has actually help me to make a decision. Now it’s only action.

Just before I left for Sing, I came to learn about a set of food manga which I read it from here.  I  know I won’t have much luck since the only Kinokuniya Australia is in Sydney and never seen Borders carrying manga. Plus even if they do, it might cost a fair bit. So when I was shopping at Orchard, I went to Kinokuniya to try my luck as I only remember the cover and don’t exactly remember the exact title at all! I was lucky!!! I spotting 1 of them once I’m at the manga section and got help to find the rest.

I only picked 1 out of 7 to have a go and see whether do I like them that much that I will carry them all the way back to home. I really did!!! Even my sis was reading it.

 Whole set of Oishinbo. I just finished the last book : Joy of Rice last night. I learned a lot about Japanese food thru the 7 books and wondering is there a full version (100 books) in Mandarin coz I don’t understand Japanese.

 In every beginning of a book, there is a recipe related to the book theme with step by step instruction. Definitely something in my list : Things to Try.

On my 2nd trip to Kinokuniya, I went crazy buying books! If it’s not because of the baggage limitation, I will have got more!!! Already both 2 story books at Melb airport before I departed.

I also got a Singapore/Nonya style cookbook titled The Best of Singapore Cooking by the Late Mrs Leong. I did tried finding Singapore/Malaysia style cookbook at Borders but it doesn’t carry a huge variety. This cookbook cover from Nonya food to hawker food to Kueh to dessert. So far I had tried two recipes and both turned out really nice (I will blog about it on my next entry).

 The next book I got was introduced by a lady which I met at Kinokuniya while I was comparing two different cover of Julie and Julia (just checking they are in fact the exact same content). I love the movie and had watch it twice, 2nd on the flight to Sing. The lady told me My Life in France by Julia Child with her nephew is a much better book to read instead and she highly recommended it!

 Costing only S$13, how can I not drop in into my shopping bag??? Definitely I can fit in into my carry-on baggage.


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