Posted in December 2010

X’mas Gift- Bake A Difference

Host by Penny  Organise by CSR All donations goes to Mission Australia After all the baking, slicing and dipping, it’s time to pack and share it with all the lovely friends around us. I popped into the local $2 shop and manage to grab a roll of cellophane and few rolls of beautiful, Xmas theme ribbons. I would love … Continue reading

Almond and Pistachio Bread

Decided to try a Margaret Fulton’s recipe while I’m having trays of Chocolate Mocha Cookies lining up waiting for their turn into the oven. I heard about Margaret Fulton but didn’t own any of her cookbooks. When I came upon her X’mas Iphone application, I decided to download. It’s not expensive and it’s a good guide … Continue reading

Chocolate Mocha Cookies

My very lovely minister bought me 2 toys for the past 2 months. 1st was a Iphone4. I being using company provided mobile even since I stepped into Melbourne. The pro is I don’t have to worry about mobile bills. Cons is I can’t really sms oversea especially when it cost $0.50 for each sms … Continue reading