Posted in January 2011

Guest Writer Reviewing LuxBite

Yes. It’s Mister doing this blog entry. After these years of blogging and the amount of food we had eaten, this is my 1st entry in wifey’s blog. I am doing it because i have encounter something special…it’s call Luxbite. Before i start, be warn: this is my 2 cent review of the food from … Continue reading

Pineapple Tarts Revisit

Wow looking thru the blog entry, I already had 2 entries about CNY goodies, pineapple tarts.Twice in 2008 and once last year. But I didn’t make any in 2009, too lazy and trying to control my diet. Well it didn’t really works isn’t it? This year is no surprise, I baked a very small quantity … Continue reading

Gaswork Farmers Market and St Ali

This weekend was a weekend well spent! 1st stop, Gaswork Farmers Market. I heard about it but never being there. Since we running low on fresh food, decided to pop in and take a look. Find that Gaswork Farmers Market is very different from Nunawading Whitehorse Road Farmers Market. Gaswork space area is a lot … Continue reading

Cookbook Challenge (Stonefruits) – Cherry Tart

After being active in Twitter, I being following my favourite food bloggers on twit. It has definitely increase my interaction with them :). I also learn about the 2011 The Cookbook Challenge when the organiser are twittering about it. Decided to join when I learn about it. The 1st Challenge theme is Stonefruit. I’m slightly behind … Continue reading

Going Healthy – Salads

Work being crazy for the past month. That’s why I gone missing after the Bake A Difference event. Long hours, no weekend, no public holiday, night shift, dealing with shitty people etc. I almost throw in the white flag due to stress level and now I just can’t wait to be over and never to deal … Continue reading