Papaya Pog Pog

Papaya Pog Pog
12b Balmoral Ave
Springvale 3171

Papaya Pog Pog Thai Restaurant

Papaya Pog Pog is our current favourite Thai restaurant. I discovered this place quite some time ago on Kat’s blog and took up the recommendation and gave it a try. Next thing we know, both of us fell in love with the food they served. It the only Thai place we visit for the past months when we have craving for spicy, sour, sweet Thai food.
Yesterday we bought another 2 friends, R and K with us to Papaya Pog Pog. More people = more tummy space = more variety of food 😛
Started the dinner with Thai Fishcake. Not very sure is it homemade or store bought but all of us enjoyed it. It actually tasted very similar to Otah which available in Singapore/Malaysia.


R being visiting different parts of Thailand for the past years for vacation. I ended up asking her whether she find the food served original. Although I being to Thailand twice but that’s almost 10 years ago. Honestly speaking I can’t remember what authentic Thai food taste like. But she actually find them very authentic. 
R even attended Thai cooking lesson on her most recent trip and bought back a cookbook with her. We are still trying to organise a time slot and try cooking Thai food in my kitchen. 
It was my 1st time trying the Vegetable Green Curry. **Sorry for the blur photo


This curry wasn’t very spicy but I was rather surprise by the sweetness. R told me it’s suppose to be sweet. I don’t recall finding green curry sweet at other Thai restaurant. It’s very appetising  and nice to go with white rice. Plus there’s a huge variety of different vegetable in this dish.


Thai Fried Rice, Chicken smell so fragrant. All 4 of us can smell it once it’s being served on the table. This dish is definitely fried using a very hot wok because you can actually taste the “wok hey”.
We also ordered Fried Quail which was very crispy and still juicy on the inside. I can even chew on the bones that’s how crispy it was.


Tom Yum Soup which we ordered medium spicy. It’s spicy, sour and full of flavour. Love it! It’s a must have on every visit. At the bottom of the bowl, I always find lots of coriander roots



Another must have is Pad Grapow. We usually ordered pork but yesterday we had chicken. It’s a very simple dish but Papaya Pog Pog did it perfectly, full of flavour. Mr. and me always order a serve each so that we won’t fight over it. I did try creating this dish at home but there’s always something missing. Maybe because my stove fire wasn’t big enough.

Pad Grapow on Rice with Fried Egg  Individual served of Pad Grapow

The last dish was Nard Nar which we discovered during our last visit. A dish which is very similar to Hor Fun but taste very different. It’s another dish which you can taste the ‘wok hey’.


All of us also had a Ice Coffee each. The coffee is a killer! It’s strong but not too sweet.

Thai Coffee

We all enjoyed the dinner a lot and we definitely over estimated our tummy space as we almost couldn’t finish all the food ordered. Almost rolled out of the restaurant after the meal.

Pat Thai (Prawn)

The other dish which Mr. and I tried during one of our visit was Pad Thai. But we find this dish  a bit disappointing. It was too dry to our liking and too oily. Or  was it suppose to be dry??? Or maybe I should give it another try just incase it was a miss previously? Should I??


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