I heard so much about this place, the history, the French Onion Soup, Steam Mussels, Cream Brulee etc. But haven’t had much luck getting a table (earlier table). The place is constantly packed regardless of day and time! Yes, I wasn’t organised enough but with friends not finishing work on time 99% of the day(Yes! Even worst on weekend) contributed a lot for disorganising 😛

Sunday night wasn’t any different. It was a pretty last minute confirmation that we were going France-Soir for a “farewell” dinner. Made the booking in the afternoon and earliest table available for 8 was at 9:30p.m.

I had to break my own rule for not staying out late on Sunday night. Because as I need to start my day very early on weekdays, I try to sleep early on Sunday night and be fresh on Monday morning so that I can survive thru the long week. But I definitely didn’t regret breaking my own rule!

It wasn’t easy to decide what to order. I want to try almost everything! In the end to avoid wasting food, Mr and me decided to order 2 Entree, 2 Main and 1 Dessert.

Mr. and me definitely tasted more than we ordered but I’m only going to write the dishes we ordered.

We started the dinner with the famous French Onion Soup and Grilled Scampis with Lemongrass.

Soupe a l'ognon gratinee
Soupe a l’ognon gratinee – The soup was deep brown colour, thick with lots and lots of onions and melted cheese on the top. It was full of flavour and not too saltish(I like it). I generally find that soup served in cafe and restaurant is too saltish for my taste bud. Every spoonful was filled with lots of onions! I was beginning to wonder how much onions do they used for each meal service? How many onions were in that bowl of soup? I hope the onions were all peeled and sliced by machine. Doubt any kitchen hand can handle so much peeling and slicing of onions in 1 day.

Langoustines grillees a la citronelle
Langoustines grillees a la citronelle – Scampis were very fresh and cooked to perfection with a hint of lemongrass. I even ended up using bread to sock up all the sweet delicious juices left on the plate.

Mr. had the usual: Medium to Raw Steak with Wild Mushroom Sauce. It also came with a basket of skinny chips which all of us can’t help but kept helping ourselves into it.

Filet de boeuf-280g
Cote de boeuf (Rib-Eye)

Wild mushroon/cream
Wild mushroon/cream

Filet de boeuf-280g
Rib-Eye Steak – The steak was more medium rather than medium to raw which Mr. loved and preferred but that didn’t spoilt his meal. It wasn’t too char grilled on the outside which I liked.  The steak was still very tender and full of flavour. Mr. definitely enjoyed his steak a lot.

I had the Half Roasted Duckling with Orange Sauce.  I was between choices and told myself I wouldn’t go wrong with Duck. French makes fantastic duck isn’t it?

Demi-Caneton roti, a l'orange
Demi-Caneton roti, a l’orange – The duck was cooked perfectly! As you can see from the picture, it wasn’t dry and still pink on the inside. At first I though it’s going to be hard trying to debone the duck drumstick. But I was totally wrong! The meat just fell off the bone. I didn’t feel any slight oiliness in this meal even though duck usually contains a lot of duck fat/oil under the skin.

We did order 3 sides to share but I only took 2 as the other was Butter Lettuce with Blue Cheese Dressing. I don’t take blue cheese so I left it out. But others enjoyed the salad a lot. France-Soir is very generous with their blue cheese.

Green Peas, Carrot and Bacon Lardons , Sauteed Mushrooms
Green Peas, Carrot and Bacon Lardons , Sauteed Mushrooms – Don’t be deceived by the look. Although the peas doesn’t look appetising but it taste delicious! The Mushroom was fat and juicy. Both sides looks easy to prepare but I doubt so. The easier/simpler it is, the more challenge it is to make it taste better.

Finally we ended the dinner with
Creme Brulee
Creme Brulee – It was served in a pretty shallow flat dish. The sugar top crust wasn’t very burn unlike other places. Is it because we were the only table left? But that didn’t affect the silky smooth creamy creme brulee. Someone even pointed out the sides wasn’t over cooked unlike a lot of other creme brulee we tried. I totally agreed. There isn’t any texture different if you compare the creme surrounding the sides of the dish and in the middle of the dish. Anyone has any clue????

Creme Brulee

It was Great Food and Fantastic Company! Service was pleasant although there was a man who was drunk, singing out loud in restaurant but that didn’t spoilt our lovely dinner.
I can’t wait to go back and try more of the other dishes!

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