Posted in June 2011

Red Cup Cafe

Those who stay in Eastern suburb especially Doncaster, Doncaster East, Box Hill, Nunawading, Donvale will know it’s pretty hard to find a decent cafe for breakky without venturing too far. I’m quite familiar with the area partly because my work office used to be along whitehorse road and presently staying that area. When I 1st spotted … Continue reading

Two Asian Kitchens by Adam Liaw

I wasn’t into Masterchef from the 1st season and never got suck into the 2nd either. Did watch a bit on the 3rd while having dinner for the past few weeks but can’t say I enjoying it or not. Too much drama, too much crying. Let’s just says it’s a ok dinner table program for the moment.I … Continue reading

En Izakaya

It’s a long weekend in Melbourne but Mr being working night shift since Friday.“Let’s head out for dinner tonight” was what he said when he got home this morning. He was planning to try out Melbourne new hot spot Chin Chin and in order to make sure we get a seat, he planned to arrive … Continue reading

Rockpool Revisit

Our virgin dining experience at Rockpool happened 2 years ago and was lovely which I never get around to write about it. My folks were in town a month before my Big 3 and I decided to celebrate it early by bringing them to Rockpool. Daddy who don’t usually eat steak enjoy it so much … Continue reading