Red Cup Cafe


Those who stay in Eastern suburb especially Doncaster, Doncaster East, Box Hill, Nunawading, Donvale will know it’s pretty hard to find a decent cafe for breakky without venturing too far. I’m quite familiar with the area partly because my work office used to be along whitehorse road and presently staying that area.

When I 1st spotted Red Cup Cafe, I was pretty happy as it looked promising. A bright red vespa parked out at the front of the shop daily. I take that as a indication that’s it’s open for the day business.
I had never managed to step into the cafe and give it a try as I always ended up with Asian breakky as Box Hill had so much to offer. Finally last week, Mr. and me decided to have a go. Never try, never know attitude.

The cafe was pretty packed considering it was on a Friday morning. Mr. had his usual cappuccino and me soy cappuccino which I didn’t remember to take any picture. Nothing special just a ordinary cup of coffee.

While deciding what to have, we both did notice the price of each dish was rather high. At least $16+ for a plate of breakfast from memory.
Mr had Mushroon, Feta with Onion Jam on Toast – Onion Jam made the dish very sweet which was nice. Mushroom was pretty well cooked, still juicy. Main star of this dish was definitely the jam.
I had Smoked Salmon with Spinach and Poached Egg on Crumpet – not sure what I was expecting but when I saw the dish, was kinda of disappointed. Charging $18+ for such a small serve. Lucky it had more than a slice of smoked salmon.

We were even more shocked when we paid the bill. Coffee cost us $4.20! $0.50 more for soy. $4.70 for a cup of coffee!!!! That’s the most expensive coffee I had in Melbourne!!!! OMG. Spend almost $50 to give this cafe a chance but definitely not going back. Guess I’m to naive to think that it will be nice and reasonable by looking at the crowd. People who eat there must be pretty rich/desperate! I will either continue to stick to Asian breakky or do a bit of drive to nearby surburbs.

Where is the most expensive coffee you had? And how much was it?
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