Posted in August 2011

2nd Chance?

Kumo Izakaya is the latest addition to Melbourne Food and Beverage industry. It was only 2 weeks old when I popped on a Tuesday night.  The building looks amazing and it stands out among all others along the street. The restaurant decoration in both interior and exterior looks very polish and grand. The designer cover … Continue reading

Diving in Sipadan 2010

I know this is a food blog but diving is another passion of mine therefore decided to shar it here. I finally got around to upload some videos taken during our vacation last year. Found them while clearing the memory card for our upcoming trip. As some of you might know. Mr. and me are both … Continue reading

Izakaya Den

Our dining experience at Izakaya Den started with flying colours but ended unpleasantly. Continue reading if you like to find out why. As we were attending a farewell drinking session later in the evening, we decided to grab dinner in the city before. We were counting on our luck as we didn’t have any reservation … Continue reading