Risotto Fever

Both Mr. and I wasn’t very adventurous in food when we were back in SG. Lack of time due to work. Lack of money due to pathetic pay. Lack of choices. For special occasion or felt like pampering ourselves after all the hard work was Sushi Tei. We did recently revisit Sushi Tei during our vacation in SG but was so disappointed with the food that we ended up in food court for 2nd dinner. More on that on a later post.

Mr. felt in love with risotto and introduced me when I came to Melbourne. I felt in love with it too. I even learned how to prepare and cooked it. Getting there but still can’t compare to restaurant.

Tutto Bene is our favourite risotto place after I discovered thru Sarah’s blog. But we haven’t being back for ages when there are so many places to try in Melbourne. 1st visit was in 2007 and 2nd visit 2009. We must had visited more more but can’t recall. But did notice the menu doesn’t change much at all.

We did manage to get a table on a Saturday evening without any booking which was rather surprising as we were turned away in the past. Maybe because of the court case created by the ex-chef? It didn’t stop us unless the food standard drops. Did feel the service need to be improved.

To satisfy our craving for risotto. We ordered 3 main risotto to share between both of us. 2 Classici (classic) and 1 Di Pesce (seafood).


Funghi misti – Mixed wild mushroom, Parmigiano and aromatic herbs
Fragrant and creamy.

Risi e bisi – Fresh peas, pancetta, shallots and Parmigino
It’s full of pea flavour but taste delicious. Those who doesn’t like pea might want to miss it.

Granchio con pomodoro e peperoncino – Blue swimmer crab with tomato and chilli
Slightly spicy, fresh and can taste the sea.

All 3 risotto tasted different. Guess was they used different types of stock depending on the ingredients used. Different cheese as well?

Dessert special for the day – Tiramisu
It was light, coffee and liquor mixture was well balanced and lady finger was soaked with just the right amount of liquid.

Hmmm when will be our next visit? No idea especially I just found a great place that serve squid ink risotto.

Tutto Bene on Urbanspoon


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