Chicken Rice or Pad Thai?

Who would expect Chicken Rice to be served during breakfast? I wouldn’t!

While holidaying in Maldives staying in Anantara Kihavah Resort, not only can we find chicken rice in the breakky menu. There’s Char Siew (Sweet BBQ pork), Roast Duck, Roast Pork, Pad Thai, Char Kwai Teow and many more to chose from.

We haven’t being travelling a lot but this is the most extensive breakfast menu we ever came across. After 4 breakkys, I can say I didn’t manage to try every single dish and I looked forward to breakky daily.

I will let the photos to do most of the talking in this post, as I always believe photo says a thousand words.

Our 1stround of breakky on the 2nd day by the beach.

Other than the basictea or coffee, there are also 3 different juices to choose: Watermelon, Orangeor Pineapple. 

Can’t resist placingthis photo. It’s so cute to find a teapot in clothing.  Wondering am I able to find it inMelbourne.

This is the roastingsection with Poached Chicken, Roast Duck, Roast Chicken, Roast Pork, Char Siewto choose from. It’s served with chicken fragrant rice. Mr. tried it in the 1stmorning and felt missing component in the rice. Although a lot of herbs wereused, the taste was still far away from the authentic Hainanese Chicken Rice.The chilli was spicy but would be better with a bit more lime and garlic.

The Thai section serving freshly fried Pad Thai and Char Kwai Teow.


We tried both and theywere both really delicious. We could taste the wok hei on the Pad Thai andvegetables weren’t over cooked. The stock used in Char Kwai Teow Noodle Soup was full of flavour. Vegetablewas quickly stir fried and added into the noodle soup.

In the same area,which I forgot to take a photo, is also the egg section. Sunny side up,scramble egg, omelette ect can all be cooked upon order.  Baked beans, hash brown, bacon, sausagecan also be found by the side.

This is the Spreadsection. All types of spread for toast can be found on this table.

3 different types ofbread to chose for toast. This is 1 of the section which I didn’t touch on atall throughout the whole trip, knowing I can make up for it once I’m back inMelbourne.


Pancakes and Waffleswere freshly made in front of us too. We found the waffle smell really nice butend product wasn’t crispy enough. On our last day, we requested it to be cookeda bit longer. It was heaven with 100% maple syrup and sprinkle with almondflakes. It was crispy on the outside and still fluffy and soft on theinside.  I love how deep the squaredent was, it’s able to hold on a lot of syrup. Chef made 2 waffles, 1 for Mr. andanother for me.


This is the NoodleSoup section, which the menu is change daily. Sadly I can only recall Fish BallNoodle Soup and Wanton Noodle Soup, don’t remember the other 2 mornings menu.

The Congeestation; same as the Noodle Soup section its change daily as well. ChickenCongee, Beef Congee, and Lamb Congee etc. Do find it strange to have chilliflakes as 1 of the condiment. Maybe they can add in spring onion?


This is the Cheesesection. All kinds and types of chesses are available.


There’s also a HUGEvariety of cured meat and fish which some taste too saltish for our liking butsome which we just felt in loved with.


There’s even a Saladsection with fresh mixed vegetable and freshly cut carrot, cucumber, capsicumand tomatoes etc. Different salad sauces and wide range of olive oil, avocadooil and balsamic vinegar to finish the DIY morning salad.


There’s also a widerange of nuts and dried fruits as condiment for cereal, porridge and mueslis.

Plain Yogurt, Yogurtwith fresh Plums and Yogurt with fresh Passionfruit to chose from.

Of course there’s awide selection of Maldives local breakfast/curries.
All the curries arechange daily as well. This is only 1 morning cooked food section.

DSC07197 Seafood Curry      

DSC07198 Biryani Rice

DSC07214 Cauliflower and Potato Masala
DSC07215 Dhal Curry
Maldivian Fish Curry

Our favourite is Tuna and Coconut Sambal eaten with Roti. It’s actually tuna flakes mixed with a bit of coconut, chilli, shallots/onions and lime. It’s a bit spicy and sourish. It’s great with roti/chapatti. We 1st had it while we were still diving on the boat. Being our must have breakky since day 1 in Maldives. I’m going to try recreating this dish when I’m back in Melbourne. Not sure how it will taste if I use canned tuna instead. Got to ask my colleague for help in making fresh roti/chapatti.

Finally, the Fruit section.

Fruit platter wasconstantly topped up and freshly cut.


Bet I ate my 1-yearworth of papaya, dragon fruit! I missed this two fruits so much. When I wascraving and couldn’t find any papaya on my last day at the resort. The stafftook the trouble to look in the kitchen, cut it up before bringing half apapaya to my table. Felt so <3!



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