Hello wordpress

Hello wordpress!

I have heard raving about you and decided to give it a try.

Maybe you will be more user friendly to blog from a iPad when I travel in May? I didn’t have much luck for the past 2 trips. Tried hard to document my travel experience but without internet, blogger is pain especially thru iPad. I’m travelling again in May and decided to leave the Mac at home and travel light (iPad and iPhone). Plus diving locations this time is not internet friendly, that’s what I reckon presently.

Instead of starting fresh, I migrated all my old posts. But changes are going to be made at this new site. Not that it’s going to matter much since this is not a popular site. I’m going to write more on the food I cook and bake in my kitchen. Recipes I tried from cookbooks I owned, sites I visit. But should I include the recipes????

Bet with this new layout, it will take me a while to get use to what to select, where to press, what function does this button do etc. Hopefully I will get used to it really quickly 🙂



2 thoughts on “Hello wordpress

  1. Welcome to WordPress, it looks like the two of us did the move at practically the same time! I love how clean everything looks, hope you’ve adjusted to the new interface. It took me a month before I got comfortable with writing posts with the new editor!

    • Thanks!
      I started playing with the idea since last year. It seems to be more friendly posting thru iPad especially while travelling. Struggled a bit last year when I tried to write about my vacation while on the foot.
      I’m definitely still learning!!! Need more motivation to write more often >_<

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