Posted in March 2012

Double Chocolate Yo-Yo

Mr. shared his love with me two weeks ago with resulted me to be confined at home for 3 days. We definitely had a good rest spending most os the time either sleeping or watching DVDs. Meals were mostly light, simple and easy dishes like congee with a few small sides dishes. I was bored … Continue reading

Bacon and Tomato Potato Cake

Both of us got hooked to Luxbite’s breakfast menu Feta Potato Cake after having it when it was 1st introduce into the menu.  It’s the new version of hash brown. Slightly saltish from the feta and sweet from the potato.  The combination just works wonderfully. While flipping through my cookbook one day, I came upon … Continue reading

Vegie Mum on the 1st day of CNY

On the 1st day of Chinese New Year we started the day by visiting the temple, it’s Mr. family tradition. It’s also both families tradition to start the new lunar year with vegetarian food.  Although we are currently staying far away from home, we still try to practise the tradition and hope to pass it down … Continue reading