Posted in April 2012

Oven Baked Lemongrass Chicken Wings

This dish/recipe is from a blog which I stumble acrossed years ago. I would loved to add the link here but I don’t have the address. I started making this dish without the recipe after a few times. It’s a few basic marinating ingredients which one can tweak to your tastebud. I felt there’s a few components which … Continue reading

Banana Pancake with Golden Syrup

Is pancake more for breakfast or dessert or both? I only have it for breakky and never for dessert. There’s such a huge variety of dessert to chose from and pancake has never being my choice for dessert. I had tried quite a few pancake recipe from all different cookbook and magazine. When comparing them … Continue reading

Carolina Pulled Pork

I learned about this dish, Pulled Pork 2 years ago? when everyone was cooking, tweeting and blogging about it. I came across this recipe on my Meat Bible cookbook and so far I had only cooked it twice but reckon it was a fail-proof recipe. Although preparation is lengthy, but totally worth it. Meat taste … Continue reading