Oven Baked Lemongrass Chicken Wings

This dish/recipe is from a blog which I stumble acrossed years ago. I would loved to add the link here but I don’t have the address. I started making this dish without the recipe after a few times. It’s a few basic marinating ingredients which one can tweak to your tastebud.

I felt there’s a few components which are very important in creating this dish.

  1. The amount of lemongrass used. I use Gourmet Garden Lemon Grass which is available in tube. It’s just make things easy and simple. No chopping and blending required. I use almost the whole tube for 1 kg of wings.
  2. The time spend for marinating. I do try to marinate overnight but sometimes due to poor planning, I just marinate as long as possible. I do feel it taste a lot better after overnight marinating.
  3. How it’s bake and and cook. I baked it in a 180 degrees hot oven and finish it under a grill to brown it more. In the mid of cooking, I also brush the marinate onto the wings to enhance the flavour.

Lemongrass Chicken, haven't cook this for quite a while

This dish is good for BBQ too and always had friends asking for the recipe. So thought might be a good idea to jot it down here. As I always agak-agak (estimate) when I cooked this dish, I tried measuring the ingredients when I cooked it few days ago.

1 kg of Chicken Wings, separated (you can use chicken drumsticks too but I prefered wings)

3 Tbsp Lemongrass, chopped and minced

2 Tbsp Oyster Sauce (I used vegetarian oyster sauce which is make from mushroom, you can subsitute with soy sauce. This is just the saltish component for the dish. Can add more depending on tastebud)

1 tsp Chinese Cooking Wine

1 tsp Sesame Oil

2 Tbsp Honey

Big pinch of Pepper

1 Tbsp Chilli Paste/Sweet Chilli Sauce (I add that sometimes. If using sweet chilli sauce, maybe decrease the amount of honey)

Just mixed everything together and pop it back to the fridge and marinate till you are ready to cook.

To bake, pop it into a 180 degrees oven for about 30 minutes or till cooked. If oven has the grilling function, finish the dish under the grill. It caramalised the sugar (honey) and also dry the wings a bit more.

Do tell me what you think of the dish after you tried it 🙂


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