The Prince of Japanese Food- Komeyui

Dear readers,(Mr. is guest blogging again)

i have finally found a place worthy of spending time to blog on (it is worthy to take time off to writing this instead of watching Sharapova playing tennis!). My 1st time writing was on Luxbite which till now is still my favourite dessert place.  This time i am writing to share with you- Komeyui Japanese Restaurant in Port Melbourne.


Those who knew me and my wife would knows we absolutely adore japanese food. Steaks, Risottos, Paella etc etc would come at a distant second or third. Be it winter or summer, japanese food is a constant source of comfort for us to seek refuge in our daily stressful working life. In summary, we ATE a lot of Japanese food- good and bad ones in Melbourne and overseas!


We heard of Komeyui from a few food lovers (whom should remain anonymous) of their fabulous japanese sushi and sashimi. We rocked up one weekend and became hooked ever since. Believe me if Komeyui can continue to convince me all this time (x5 before writing this blog) to return for its food, it has managed to achieve constancy in taste and quality despite its repetitiveness. My personal belief is: if you get accustom to the taste of the same kind of food again and again, that particular item has to continue achieve higher standards (or not the exact same standard) if not the dining experience will differ. That leads to boredom and thus that hoping around to enjoy that new food experience and sensation.

Ok, lets get  down to the food.

1.  Miso marinated black cod


oh dear. This is one of my must have every time i visit. The fish is of very high quality and very well marinated. The fish is smooth with great texture; the skin slightly burnt to add a dimension of smokiness to it.

2. Spicy Tuna Roll


Look at this spicy tuna roll. Wow. Tuna, spice, mayo together with their fabulous ( u can eat komeyui’s rice on its own. See how they cook it you will understand why you cannot accept others’s japanese rice anymore).


3. Soft shell crab roll


This well processed soft shell crab (no stinky fried oil smell, fishy ) was of great quality. This requires a lot of background work to ensure the freshness of its ingredients, the technique need to hold this big roll together. We certainly appreciate the attention to detail- so we had this almost every outing.

4. Sashimi


There’s a lot of sashimi types. All depends on what fish the restaurant offers and how the chef serves it sashimi main. Komeyui has a different take on its sashimi main: it adds other condiments (such as red onion, ginger with spring onions etc) to enhance the flavours of the sashimi. Although not all will agree it is the best way to taste fresh sashimi, Komeyui’s way offers a refreshing change to enjoy sashimi.

5. Chawan mushi


You can never have enough of this chawan mushi. Great dashi stock that is sweet and the egg is smooth. Pity it is too small a serve!

6. Tempura


Tempura needs to be well fried in good clean oil, dripped off its excess oil. Crunchy with its batter and without over-powering the ingredient itself. Great technique.

The following are specials that are on offer from time to time:

7. Otoro


This is not for the faint- hearted. This is sashimi at its best. If you think David Blackmore’s full blood waygu is the king of the land, This Otoro sashimi is the king of the sea. Enjoy the marbling melting in your mouth. The memory of this otoro always brighten my day.


8. Snapper sashimi and sushi


Another not that commonly found sashimi. Gotta admit that 2 way of enjoying it..fresh as on sushi and smoked as in sashimi.

In summary,

I would like to be selfish to have Komeyui all by myself – but guess i better expose this before anyone else. For its excellent dedication to constantly serving its customers fantastic food- this little jewel needs to be enjoyed by people who seeks to enjoy quality japanese food.

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3 thoughts on “The Prince of Japanese Food- Komeyui

  1. Dear Mr Liz Tan,

    I really have to remember this place next time I am in Melbourne. The food looks exquisite! The miso black cod and the otoro would be enough to make anyone do Sharapova tennis noises with each mouthful. Do you remember the prices of these two items by any chance?

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