Try this if you dare!

Yes. I tasted the fabulous, the mediocre and the bad.


It was a hot summer’s day and the caving for Japanese food was immense.

After a searching our favourite Urbanspoon website for Japanese food, we came across this place called Matsumoto (since a lot wasn’t open due to the Christmas/ New year holidays).  Has achieved a 84% ‘likes’ on the review so we decided this was it.


Wrong Wrong Wrong.

I don’t want to give too much criticism. (Taste is a very personal thing as one would argue ) However, i hate eating bad food (nobody does anyway- u have to carry the carbs and pay for them) and cannot understand what is the ‘Japanese food’ served by these guys?

Wow..sushi that is laced with mayo..great way to cover the ‘freshness’ of the fish/ prawn. Understandable if this is a fried roll..but sushi with mayo?? seriously??


What follows is even worst. Sushi that comes in lots of ‘shapes’. The rice comes in a range of shapes. This is great for teach children about shapes but i know them already. I expect my sushi to come in a decent and constant shape.



I left after having 3 dishes (not only the food a disaster, the service was horrid), it was extremely filling! If you want to eat your fill you should come to Matsumoto, you can eat the days worth of rice here.

The roll wasn’t cut properly (an example of poor execution- a sign that this eatery just want to  churn out food. No desire, dedication nor respect to maintain quality).It was rolled with an excessive amount of rice that comes apart when picked up by chop-sticks.


The sashimi. Average stuff.

Wonder how this scored 84% ‘likes??

Try and judge for yourself if you dare!

Matsumoto on Urbanspoon


2 thoughts on “Try this if you dare!

  1. sounds like you had a subpar meal. Won’t be going there then. Have you been to Shimbashi soba noodle and Sake bar in the CBD? It really is worth the visit as not only they are run by proper Japanese they also hand craft their soba noodles

  2. I was there yesterday and the food was very nice and didn’t look like what you were dished up. Maybe they heeded your comments? Maybe their proper chefs were away on holidays?

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