Discovering that little jewel on smith.

There have been a bout of malaysian eateries opening in Melbourne in the last 5 years. I cannot remember when i first arrive in Melbourne many years ago to so many malaysian food within the CBD.

And finding that the taste that resembles home can be difficult. Alot of franchise had opened to cure us of our home-sickness in melbourne. Although these huge establishment offers that familiar taste of food, they lack soul these food contains..thus we constantly hunt for smaller establishments where they usually serves their food with some passion..

Masak Mask is a new malaysian eatery that offers malaysian food with a modern twist..


I was excited when i saw real charcoal back some childhood memory of me buying satay from these satay stands at the roadside..ahh…i do feel abit like home already..


Masak Masak has some really funky interior…maybe that was to match their food theme too??


Down to the food:


Who wouldn’t since we saw it will be BBQ on real charcoal??!! The satay (both chicken and beef) was marinated well..loved that smokey BBQ flavor and that is indeed hard to find in Melbourne!! We like the chicken better than beef though as it was abit drier..perhaps the chicken has bit of fat that helped retain its juiciness. It also offers the condiments we usually have with satay. The peanut sauce will need some more oil so that it will be less dry..



Lo Mai Gai 

This lo mai gai is a treat!! Missy really enjoyed it because it is so so was even better than the ones we had at boxhill!! Missy also noticed there was black fungus sliced in them..couple with some sambal chill…yum!! Taste exactly like home…


Chicken wings with onion sambal (or buffalo wings) can u beat crispy fried chicken with sambal?? the batter was crunchy and fried to perfection..combined with sambal chilli it is the deadiest dish for alot of malaysian food lovers. i bet this will be the signature dish of Masak Masak…this cannot be missed!!


Kon Low Mee with Wanton

Yes..finding dried egg noodle malaysian style to suit our taste buds are hard to find.Alot of the dreid noodles are usually dripped in soya-like sauces…Masak Masak on the other hand version’s had its sauces all mixed into the noodles and dried..all you find when you stir your noodles was that fried pork lards..imagine that amazing richness of that pork lard’s taste within the noodle..and it aren’t oily at all!! amazing!! their prawn wanton was wrapped nicely too.. another dish i would recommend personally..another very authentic tasting dish.


No more soul-less, mass manufactured food for us..Masak Masak offers some great home-cooked food that will bring back that wonderful childhood eating on that steel plate…cannot wait to go back again!!

Masak Masak on Urbanspoon


13 thoughts on “Discovering that little jewel on smith.

  1. OMGNESS! Satay cooked on charcoal!! Definitely feels like home already! hehe What a gem you’ve found! So gonna arrange to go there soon! hehe thank you for sharing this amazing place with yummy food! x

  2. I agree that there have been a sudden spring in the number of Malaysian joints! I have to admit that the food does not bring up memories of childhood. I reckon Malaysian and Singaporean food do differ quite a bit. Masak masak looks promising, may have to check it out!

    • Ya. Especially the past few years. Not sure why. I spend half of my childhood in Malaysia, maybe that’s why I treat both countries food culture the same 😀

  3. how is it that I’ve been following you on Insta for so long and I didn’t know you had a blog?? lol, this place looks really good! I love the look of those satay sticks – gotta get me some of that 😀

    • I’m have no idea! Coz I dun blog often enough??? LOL
      Yes, loved the traditional way of grilling satay! A pity not a lot of places still use charcoal BBQ stove

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