Manado Wet Market

**This has being sitting under my draft folder for ages. Sorry for not getting to it sooner.

I loved visiting local markets when travelling. I’m still adding my list of markets visited. So far I covered Victoria Market in Seychelles and also a local market in Fiji. I was so happy when D, the resort manage in Manado, Indonesia bought us to the market before breakky. It was definitely a eye opening for all 3.

Few guests from the resort had specially requested tuna sashimi after seeing us eating the night before. Yes, we received VIP treatment because we were with YK.

This was what welcomed us when we got off the mini bus. Display of the morning catch on make shift tables made from wooden crates, styrofoam boxes and wooden planks.


Walking further down a tiny lane, there were stalls on both left and right selling fresh vegetables, fresh herbs, dried goods, sauces, dried preserved fish etc. Can’t really tell the different between the stalls. All seems to be selling the exact same goods.




D told us locals mixed this dried fish into their chilli paste. That’s the reason why it taste so yummy and different. Apparently this can only be found in Manado. Am I able to sneak some back???



Lemon basil which is widely use in their cooking. It’s also one of the condiment for Bubur Manado.



There isn’t a huge variety of greens available. Most popular and common is water spinach (kang kong) shown on the photo above on the right. The water spinach is grown up on the mountain where the soil are very fertile therefore the water spinach looks a lot bigger and fatter compare to home. But as for the taste, I couldn’t taste any different. Maybe also due to the cooking method. Felt the locals tend to overcook all the dishes, a waste when their ingredients are so fresh.


For the stall holders, the market is not only a place to do business and earn a living. It’s also their house. As we walked further into the market, started seeing kids running out of their house. The stall will be set up in either in front of the house or by the side.


During market days, owners will display their goods for sale. On off days, it become a cloth rack and an area to laze around for afternoon nap.


3 guys studying the major issue in Manado which is rubbish!


The drain was fully choked with plastic bottles. D was telling us as dive operator in Manado, they being trying to fight this issue for years. Twice a year, all dive operator in Manado will get together ย and hold a meeting, trying improve the situation. As we all know, rubbish in the sea doesn’t blend with the underwater world.



This is another scene which I don’t understand. This stall wasn’t in business that day but why is it covered with fish scale? Owner can’t even bother to clean it before ending the day?




I was surprised all of us didn’t fall sick from the tuna sashimi especially Mr who has a very weak tummy after seeing how the fish were handled.ย The fish was exposed, wasn’t chilled or covered in ice and with flies buzzing around.

D told us when he instructed the resort chef how to prepare the sashimi, the chef thought we were crazy! The locals had never ever experience eating it raw and the only cooking method is deep fry.



HUGE! LONG SNAKE. Yes it’s consider a local delicacy but not all local fancy eating it. According to D, his wife will run the opposite direction if she sees it.


Pity I only saw this sweets stall after we boarded the bus, if not will loved to get some to try.


4 thoughts on “Manado Wet Market

  1. As an Indonesian, I’m surprised that I haven’t been to any island apart from Java and would like to visit Manado one day ๐Ÿ™‚ Rubbish is a huge problem all over Indonesia though. The government can try all they want to fix the problem but I don’t think it’s going to happen ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    • It’s coz of diving that I covered Manado. Yup dun think the gov is doing anything. But definitely all the dive operators in Manado are coming together to try educate the ppl.

  2. What a fascinating post! I love exploring local markets when overseas. Despite the lack of refrigeration, the fish (especially in that first picture) looks so shiny and fresh!

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