Lime Buttermilk Bundt Cake


I always fancy citric sweets in any form and I printed the recipe when I saw it on Mmmmsugar’s blog.  The only different about this recipe is it didn’t get mix with 987654321 other recipes which I printed and left aside forgotten.

I got organised and made a trip to supermarket on Friday after work, bought all the ingredients required and tested it that weekend.

From memory I only used my bundt tin once or twice since I got it on discount in 2011. It’s the most under-utilised cake tin I have in the kitchen. I loved the look of the end product and really should try to use it more often. Although I need to go thru the trouble of making sure all corners are well greased and flour to make sure the cake doesn’t get stuck. Guess it’s all worth it when the cake comes out as a whole 🙂

Now comparing with mmmmsugar ppost picture, my cake looks burn but lucky the inside is still soft and moist.:(


Or it’s the photo? Mr. bought a new toy for xmas and I’m still learning and playing with it. Not the normal press and shot, too many different setting to play with. Hope I will get the hang of it soon and takes better picture and faster as well.

I don’t think I added enough lime even though mmmmsugar already suggested to add more. Or maybe it’s just me who can eat a whole lemon.


I’m not going to repost the recipe here. If you like, you can click on the link to mmmmsugar’s blog and check it out.


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