My Battle with Chiffon Cake

I always wanted to try my hand on chiffon cake and master it! Actually more like not fear it LOL. On my last trip home, I finally managed to gather all my courage and bought a chiffon cake tin. Cant run away from it now.

I’m never a huge fan of Pandan chiffon cake when growing up even though there’s the famous Bengawan Solo Pandan chiffon cake which a lot of HK artists loved. Instead it’s their Pandan Kaya cake which I had most while growing up. It’s the cake which Daddy will purchase on most of the birthday celebration in the family. It’s still our favourite and brings back lots of memories.

For my 1st attempt on Chiffon Cake, I tried on a recipe which smartarsewabbit send me. It’s Lemon Chiffon Cake. My chiffon tin seems to be too small for the quantity but lucky it did not overflow. The cake had a very nice even dome in the end. I was surprised after it cooled overnight. It didn’t shrink! I definitely wasn’t expecting that! That definitely brings my confident level to a whole new level.

Cake has exploded :/
Next to try will definitely be pandan chiffon cake

The 2nd attempt was Gula Melaka Chiffon Cake from My Baking Cottage. Ingredients and steps are all very simple, basic and sound easy. Not sure about you but I love the caramelised taste of Gula Melaka! I always believe it can’t go wrong in any dessert that uses gula melaka. My late Grandpa who lives in Melaka always buys them from a particular stall when he does the marketing from the biggest market in town. When comparing the gula he buys and the ones available now, it’s a huge different. The gula used to be a lot darker in appearance, taste better too. Can’t complain too much I guess. At least it’s still available and able to purchase it from Melbourne.

2nd attempt turned out acceptable but bottom is fluffier and lighter comparing to the top (on the photo I had the overturn the cake). It is because I de-moulded and sliced into it before totally cooled? Also there’s some moist spots on the top which I can’t work out why. 😦

I also wasn’t happy with the big pocket of holes too. I wasn’t sure should bang the filled tin on a flat surface before baking. If I do that will the air which is needed escape and result in a deflated cake?
Hmmm how to make it fluffier???

A slice of gula melaka chiffon cake for mon avo tea?

A week after I had another go again. This time Pandan Chiffon Cake but I can’t recall which recipe I used :/ As I wasn’t confident enough, I used pandan essence instead of fresh pandan paste. Turned out it was the worst out of all attempts. There’s still big holes visible 😦 Half of the cake seems to be fluffier and lighter than the other half! Half of the cake seem to have sunken in. Why???? Hot spots on the oven?

Visible sunken on the bottom which is actually the top while baking. Very moist and soft.

After the last try, that definitely didn’t stop me from having another go. In fact I was waiting for a good excuse LOL. Mr. was a bit sick of having chiffon cake. Finally the chance came 2 weeks ago, my Sydney ex-housemate was in Melbourne for a visit and I’m planning to cook and get him over for dinner. I had the menu all planned out and decided to end the homecooked meal with Pandan Chiffon Cake as dessert.

This time I used My Baking Cottage’s recipe again since I like the taste and sweetness of Gula Melaka Chiffon Cake. Since I have homemade pandan paste in my fridge, I decided to use that instead of pandan essence. I find that pandan essence is too strong for my liking but I did like how bright green color the cake will be. It did occur maybe I should add green coloring into the mixture but I didn’t as I want to see what’s the end product appearance by using 100% fresh pandan paste.

Cross section view of the Pandan #chiffoncake I baked on the weekend. Not much big holes comparing to the past.

Definitely a huge different in color even though both photos were taken using my iphone and filters added thru Instagram. But the texture, sweetness and smell of pandan + coconut was what I wanted. I loved the shape of it even though I’m not sure is that a perfect bake LOL. There isn’t big holes as compared to the other two attempts. I did bang the tin on the benchtop a few times before placing it into the oven. Also more careful when pouring the mixture into the tin.

Note to self

  • beat egg yolk longer as I can see the mixture start to sink once I add in the sifted flour
  • make sure egg white mixture all folded in. visible egg white on the above photo.

Below are some photos which I took on my last battle. Sorry it looks a bit dark, still playing with the new toy and learning. Plus it was a very gloomy and cloudy day.




This is going to be an on-going battle. Anyone who’s daring enough to try my half past six chiffon cake are welcome to make an order. I need more excuse to practise and  them and not eat it!


3 thoughts on “My Battle with Chiffon Cake

  1. Chiffon cake is always a big battle! But so worth it, the recipe i normally use deflates by half 😦 but sadly its best homemade recipe I found. Keen to try others 🙂

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