The Gastronomical Trip to Japan

Japan.  We always wanted to visit Japan. All our friends told us once you visit japan, you will visit it again and again… And so the holiday planning begins…..we decided on a 2 month holiday…with Japan being the highlight of the trip. Finally, after 6 months of very intensive planning on where to go and what to EAT! we are finally there.

You would wonder why it took so long to plan a 3 week holiday in Japan…surely there will be enough to look and see..The challenging thing was actually booking the places we wanna eat, and working our itinerary around it! Some of these restaurant we are going to have the toughest booking ever. It took me a lot of research online and emails, balancing the variety of stuff we can experience. I draw a lot of inspiration from Tinyurbankitchen (thanks!!)..and virtually the ones she had visited i have booked myself in..

The ones i have booked and be eating in the following order:
Birdland – Yakitori. 1 Michelin Star (Tokyo)
Nakamura – Kaiseki. 3 Michelin Star (Kyoto)
Taian – Grill. 3 Michelin Star (Osaka)
Akasaka Kitafuku – Japanese. 1 Michelin Star (Crab/matsusaka beef- Tokyo)
Nodaiwa. – Anago. 1 Michelin Star (Tokyo)
Sukiyabashi Jiro – Sushi. 3 Michelin Star (Tokyo)
Kyubey – Sushi.1 Michelin Star (Tokyo)


The other food we tried and worth a mention :
Misono – Kobe Beef Teppanyaki (Osaka)
Maisen – Tonkatsu (Ometsando Hills)

Daiwa Sushi – Tsukiji Market

Syourian – Tofu (Kyoto)
Mizuno – Okonomiyaki (Osaka, Dontonbori)
Rokurinsha – Ramen (Inside tokyo station)
Diakokuya Tempura- Asakusa
New York Bar- Park Hyatt hotel (special mention for ambience. it was just beautiful. Non hotel guest have to pay a cover charge but definitely worth it!)

After we tasted, a short summary as to how we felt:

Best Food: Was a close fight between Taian and Nakamura. But i believe that Nakamura have edge..balancing all the 9 dishes, the technicality and execution was flawless..although some of the ingredients we had for the 1st time (blog post to follow).

Best Value: Like TinyUrbanKitchen said: Where can you find a 3 Michelin star food that cost about USD$150 for 9 dishes?? It is cheaper than Rockpool’s Davidblackmore steak!! Enough said.

Most awesome/WOW/Cringy- Kitafuku. Wife was absolutely stunned..(blog post to follow)

Most disappointing: Oh well..that prize goes to Jiro. having tried all the various sushi..his sushi is out of this world..You can never imagine how one slice of fish, together with rice, can be soooo amazing. However, our experience was a letdown mainly because Jiro cannot be bothered about his customers..He aren’t that smiley as he was in the documentary. He didn’t even smile, acknowledge us…he was just cold and…arrogant…unlike all the other Michelin Chefs (Taian, Nakamura, Kitafuku, Kyubey) who all would wait at the door and thanked us for visiting them..(as warned by a local japanese food blogger, we didn’t take any pictures (as he can be upset by that) of the sushi oh well..he will not have a lack of customers who will pay USD$350+++ for his 20 piece sushi.and hence his arrogance..will never be back to Jiro..there are better 3 Michelin star sushi out there…

Ok. Blog post with pictures wo follow. 1st up…..Birdland.


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