Raw Chicken @ Birdland

Birdland. The one Michelin star yakitori that allows online booking in english. This is a god send because trust me, making reservations at some of these resturants can be very tough. Jiro’s especially after him being famous in the documentary and President Obama eating his sushi during his visit in Japan. Birdland is just opposite Jiro’s..so it aren’t too hard to find.

Today’s Assorted Appetitzers


Chargrill Chicken- Japanese Apricot Sauce. They also come in sweet basil sauce. Birdland allows you to order two different favours so that you can share with your partner.

Chargrill Chicken-Sweet Basil Sauce


Chicken Liver pate. Wow!! This is amazing…almost taste like foie gras but is made from chicken.


Chicken Fillet with Wasabi. OK our 1st bite of half cooked chicken. So tender, so juicy..and that powering fresh wasabi


Liver Yakitori.


Chicken backside/ chicken ass/ chicken butt. OMG.Never ever eaten chicken butt before. This chicken butt was full of….FAT!! OMG…too amazing.This was our most memorable dish for the evening.


A tofu dish as an intermission refresher. The course starts to moves into a heavier sauce yakitori from this onwards.


Gingo Nut Yakitori. I am more a meaty person. Wife enjoyed this more than I did.


Chicken Oyster. This style of cutting/ combined with great grilling, produced the juiciest yakitori of the night.


Meat Ball Yakitori. You might mistake this for teochew fish ball instead..incredible texture.


Teriyaki Chicken with Japanese Spice.


Grilled mushroom.


Leg meat with green onions. This is heavily sauced with their soy sauced.


Grill Cheese. This is was a surprise. Pardon my ignorance, i didn’t know you can yakitori cheese too..


How can you resist chicken skin?? It smooths clogged arteries. I bet i can have a few more sticks of this heaven…maybe a lot more sticks. This wasn’t in the set menu. This was an extra.


Actually by then our course would have finished…but just like hungry ghosts, i ordered a portion of grill quail. Big mistake..you will know why later..


This hungry ghost forgot that there is a rice with egg dish to finish off before desserts. Ok. we are in big trouble. Mrs is very full now..me?? i can feel that chicken crawling up my throat…but we looked at that watery/fluffy egg on rice…we just push every down our throat…so please remember, don’t over order because you will be really stuffed at the end. We didn’t regret finishing the bowl of egged rice each. Yeah. You know just how good it is.


Custard pudding.


It took about slightly less than 2 hours to finish the course. What a great experience it was. Eating raw chicken, eating bits of chicken we don’t usually eat..and in a Michelin restaurant. Oh heaven. The start of our gastronomical experience in Japan!

Next Up. Nakamura. An out of this world dining experience.


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