Manado Wet Market

**This has being sitting under my draft folder for ages. Sorry for not getting to it sooner. I loved visiting local markets when travelling. I’m still adding my list of markets visited. So far I covered Victoria Market in Seychelles and also a local market in Fiji. I was so happy when D, the resort … Continue reading

Discovering that little jewel on smith.

There have been a bout of malaysian eateries opening in Melbourne in the last 5 years. I cannot remember when i first arrive in Melbourne many years ago to so many malaysian food within the CBD. And finding that the taste that resembles home can be difficult. Alot of franchise had opened to cure us … Continue reading

Try this if you dare!

Yes. I tasted the fabulous, the mediocre and the bad. It was a hot summer’s day and the caving for Japanese food was immense. After a searching our favourite Urbanspoon website for Japanese food, we came across this place called Matsumoto (since a lot wasn’t open due to the Christmas/ New year holidays).  Has achieved … Continue reading

The Prince of Japanese Food- Komeyui

Dear readers,(Mr. is guest blogging again) i have finally found a place worthy of spending time to blog on (it is worthy to take time off to writing this instead of watching Sharapova playing tennis!). My 1st time writing was on Luxbite which till now is still my favourite dessert place.  This time i am … Continue reading

Cucumber Pickle (Cucumber Achar)

I loved Nonya cuisine. My Granny is a Nonya and I loved her cooking. She made the nicest love letter, pineapple tarts, nonya kueh, chilli paste, spicy dishes etc. But sadly I didn’t manage to learn any skill from her. While growing up, I only sees her 2-3 times annually as I stayed in Singapore while she stayed in Malacca. But every … Continue reading

Bubur Manado

On our most recent vacation, we managed to travel to Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia for a diving trip. The diving experience in Manado is indescribable. The marine life is rich, locals are warm, resort is fantastic and accommodating, food is simple and delicious. Which I cannot help myself to write a post on my new found … Continue reading

2012 Mr. birthday surprises at Layang Layang

Here I am at KK international airport waiting to drop my luggage and waiting for flight back to Singapore. I had just ended my 7 days diving trip at Layang Layang. :((( Today is also Mr. birthday :))). As yesterday morning was our last dive at Layang Layang before “off-air”, I managed to plan a … Continue reading

Cinnamon Raisin Loaf

Bread making, I always wanted to make my own loaf of bread but felt yeast is a very tricky ingredient to tackle. Temperature is very crucial. Too high will kill it, too low will cause it not to activate. I had tried a few different recipes which I got from the internet for the past few years. Some turned out … Continue reading

Oven Baked Lemongrass Chicken Wings

This dish/recipe is from a blog which I stumble acrossed years ago. I would loved to add the link here but I don’t have the address. I started making this dish without the recipe after a few times. It’s a few basic marinating ingredients which one can tweak to your tastebud. I felt there’s a few components which … Continue reading

Banana Pancake with Golden Syrup

Is pancake more for breakfast or dessert or both? I only have it for breakky and never for dessert. There’s such a huge variety of dessert to chose from and pancake has never being my choice for dessert. I had tried quite a few pancake recipe from all different cookbook and magazine. When comparing them … Continue reading